We’re Getting On…

A Glimps Back, Into the Future

It is quite remarkable to think that this year our practice turns 36 years old. It was established in 1983 in the Bedford Centre Office Tower, which is right across the road from our current Headoffice at No 3 Bradford Road.

A fun fact to put it in context; it is the same age as two of our physios, and a full eleven years older than one of them (10 points if you can guess who)!

We pride ourselves in being fully up to date with current medical trends in relation to physiotherapy and physical therapy. Putting this hand in hand with more than 120 years of combined practice experience between our 7 physios ensures that you receive a level of treatment that’ll be very hard to find elsewhere.

We practice in three convenient locations, so it’s easier than ever to get the treatment you deserve, see details below to make your appointment.

We’re on Instagram!!!


Growing Older, Acting Younger!

Despite our age, we’re keeping up with the trends, and have started an Instagram page. Keep yourself in the loop with everything from exercise tips and helpful stretches to community news and a smattering of your local physio’s favorite cat photos.* (We believe it’s called click-bait and it seems to be all of the rage right now).

Thank You

Looking Forward (to Seeing You Again)

As we enjoy the paradox of looking backwards in order to look forwards, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our patients, for walking the journey with us. Many new and exciting adventures are ahead of us; marathons will be run, challenges will be overcome, babies will be born and hips will be replaced. Most importantly, we will be here, so remember;

“Don’t Just Trust Your Health to Anyone, Trust Us!”

All the best, The Physiotherapy Bedfordview Team