Refurbished and Modernised rooms

Introducing the all new sleek modern rooms Physiotherapy Bedfordview, Bradford Road and Harcus Road.  The rooms have had a face lift but be assured that our vibrant and efficient service has not changed.

Don’t just trust your health to anyone, Trust it to us.


Both practices – Physiotherapy Bedfordview Bradford Road and Physiotherapy Bedfordview Harcus Road offer:

Treatment of all musculoskeletal injuries including:

  • Sports injuries: sprains, strains and overuse injuries of all joints and muscles
  • Pre-operative and post-operative rehabilitation
  • Arthroscopies
  • Achilles tendons
  • Rotator cuff injuries and repairs of the shoulder
  • Ligament injuries and repairs of the knee
  • Ankle and foot injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Stress related aches and pain
  • Maintenance and relief of chronic pain
  • Acupuncture and dry needling
  • Strapping

Spinal related injuries, pain and discomfort, including:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Low back pain
  • Thoracic pain
  • Postural pain and computer backs
  • Grinding and clenching of the jaw

techniques (Sports, Preventative and Therapeutic)